In addition to the fully-crewed racing that makes up the Contessa 32 Inshore Points Series the Class Association also runs the "Chaos Two-handed Series", for which you can win the Chaos Trophy.

The Contessa 32 is fantastic for two-handed racing, big enough to handle whatever is thrown at it while still being manageable by a small crew. While 'gorillas on the rail' are helpful in a blow, the design of the Contessa 32 is such that she still performs exceptionally well without this extra weight.

The two handed series is also great introduction to racing your Contessa in the wider series, the starts are less aggressive and it's easier to find crew. Likewise, for old hands who are used to racing with a crew of six it can be a challenging alternative.

The Chaos Two-handed Series is made up of three events and 5 races over the year, there are no discards and the best performing boat overall wins the trophy.

Solo Racing
If you are interested in racing Single handed there is an excellent series of inshore and offshore races organised by the Solo Offshore Racing Club. Over the last couple of years there have been a couple of Co32's racing with SORC under IRC. If you would like to know more about solo racing your Contessa please contact George Isted.