The Rally is at Royal Clarence Marina Gosport on Sat 14th May.

The website is // and tel is 023 9252 3523.
The Marina Manager there is Rob Jezard.

Spaces are limited, so we might be rafting. Call Rob Jezard, ASAP, if not already done so, if you wish to book a space. First come first serve. Say you are with Contessa 32 Rally.

There will also be a Pontoon Party at 6pm at Royal Clarence Marina, and also those wanting to dine with us, join us at the The Bakers Bar and Kitchen at Royal Clarence Marina

Please book early tel 0239 258 2513 for 19.30 for 20.00 quoting “Contessa 32 Rally”.

SAT 14 TH May HW Portsmouth 1048
SUN 15 th May HW Portsmouth 1128

Good to let Kris know if you are coming... nissonme @