Sail Number



Robin Holland


Hamble Yacht Services


Built in 1972, she is hull number 13 (originally CO313) and has been owned by the Holland / Hoggarth family since 1979. She has been a regular on the Contessa 32 racing fleet since the mid-90's and, following an internal refit in 2016, she is now also cruised.

She was commissioned by an airline pilot named Frank Sarson who flew 747's for BOAC (now British Airways). When landing at Shannon airport there was an aerobeacon used for the approach in a tiny Irish village called "Corofin". In keeping with tradition of names beginning with "Co" he decided to name her "Corofin"; which was lost in translation somewhere between order and delivery and she was launched as "Corafin".

Date built

Friday, 23 June, 1972


J Rogers