A key attraction of Contessa 32 racing is the complete absence of any form of handicapping. All Contessa 32s that are racing with a valid class certificate start on an equal footing and the best sailors win. It is fundamental to our ethos that 'cheque book racing' should be made as difficult as possible. To achieve this we studiously apply our Class Rules to all competitors and events.

The Contessa 32 Class Rules are divided into four sections:

  1. General and Race Management
  2. Yacht Specification
  3. Sail Specification
  4. Safety Equipment and Regulations

The Committee wishes to preserve the friendly atmosphere of Contessa Class racing and does so by ensuring that all racing boats and skippers follow these rules.


This downloadable pdf document constitutes the master copy of the Class Rules.

The sail specifications have been changed over the last few years and are included in the current Class Rules. Sails made of material which is higher-tech than the old dacron are now allowed and dimensions have been slightly adjusted to make the use of furling genoas competitive. As explained in the Rules, boats are allowed to continue to race using the old (pre-2011) sail-plan as long as the sails were registered before the 2014 AGM and the new sail plan has never been used on the boat. All boats racing under either sail plan are treated as level-rated.

The old Part 3 - Sail Specifications are available for reference here - DOWNLOAD OLD PART 3 - SAIL SPECS'