The Class Association is run by a team of volunteers, normally Contessa owners but often regular crew. The theme that pulls the committee together is a collective wish to "give something back" to the Association and ensure its successful future. Committee members are all appointed annually at the AGM. Most Committee members have specific roles to perform but, in addition, there may be committee members without specific roles. The present Committee members are listed below.

Class Captain - Guy Darby -
Overall responsibility for all Class Association affairs and representing us formally at sailing and social functions. Chairs committee and AGM. Normally in-post for 2 years.

Vice Captain - Mark Oliver ->
Assist the Class Captain in all areas of managing the Class Association. Often appointed as Class Captain designate one or two years before taking the main office.

Treasurer - Martin Carter -
Overall responsibility for all financial and administrative affairs. Must ensure that the accounts are successfully audited each year.

Hon. Secretary - Mike Sellers -
Responsible for organising AGM, Committee Meetings and other exceptional events. Produces all the required minutes and records of the Association.

Hon. Sailing Secretary - Martin Collen -
Responsible for arranging the racing calendar, agreeing our Sailing Instructions and liaising with relevant host yacht clubs.

Captain of Cruising - represented by Guy Darby -
Responsible for setting up a range of cruising events in and around the Solent each year. Works alongside cruising representatives in other parts of the UK to support their activities.

Official Measurer - George Isted -
Responsible for maintaining the regulatory system to ensure all racing yachts and sails fall within current class rules. Chairs the Measurement sub-committee.

Membership Secretary - Alice Butcher -
Responsible for promotion and administration of membership of the Association.

Social Secretary - Roger Shinton -
Responsible for organising and promoting all social events. Works closely with the Hon. Sailing Secretary for planning and the Treasurer for invoice settlement with host clubs .

Local Area Cruising Representatives - None in post at this time, volunteers very welcome
Responsible for setting up a range of cruising events for Contessa 32 owners around the UK.

Committee Member and Results Coordinator - Jess Hoggarth
Collects racing results and calculates the winners of the many and various trophies.

Assistant Measurer - Guy Darby
Assists the Official Measurer in his duties.

Joint Webmasters - Simon Coleman
Responsible for Association website.

Committee Member - Clive Hughes
Assists the running of the association.